Rolly, We’ll Miss You

Youth Specialties
February 10th, 2012

Rolly RichertHeaven welcomed Rolly Richert early this morning after an ongoing fight against cancer. Rolly has been a significant influence on TheNational Youth Worker’s Convention, DCLA, Dare 2 Share and countless other events. For YS he was an advisor and producer of the Big Room sessions at NYWC.

I’d always heard about Rolly in the youth ministry universe, but didn’t meet him until early 2001 at a DCLA planning meeting. In 2002 after the non-profit I founded went through traumatic post 9/11 losses at our events, Rolly happened to call. I instantly felt I could trust him with the financial plight we were in, and Rolly was quick to share wisdom from his own historythat literally changed the course of my life and ministry. Already this morning I have spoken with many other ministers who have had similar encounters with Rolly.

Rolly loved the gospel and loved seeing people know the power of a life lived by following in the way of Jesus. Rolly was a servant, and while Heaven welcomes him, we will miss him for the brief moments we remain on this earth.

If you have any memories you'd like to share, please leave them in the comments below.

Youth Specialties

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