February 12th, 2010

I'm sitting on a balcony overlooking a beautiful bay in Boca Chica, Dominican Republic. The air is thick with humidity. Though it is nearly midnight the temperature hovers in the 70s. Just when the humidity builds to the point where I begin to sweat a cool evening breeze or brief shower cools me again. In the distance I can hear unfamiliar calls of birds in the trees and others splashing and making noise in the bay a few hundred yards from our hotel. 

If this weren't just hours from a major disaster area I can see myself vacationing here.

Today has been an amazing day in ways far more interesting than the meteorology, botany, or zoology. 

Our team met for the first time in the Miami airport as we waited to board our plane to Santo Domingo. We instantly began to gel as each of these leaders rested knowing that Seth Barnes was in charge and they were not. That is a wonderful weight off of all of our shoulders.

Tonight, after an amazing dinner and time of sharing our stories, we got down to business and talked about the nuts and bolts of this trip as we know it right now.

Here's the crazy thing. All of the apprehension and fear surrounding this trip has been replaced by the opportunity the Lord has put in front of us. Fears about coming here — out the window. 

What has descended on each of us is the obvious reality and weight that maybe God didn't just call us here for something we're confident about and capable at. What if God used our competencies just to get us thousands of miles from home, just to get ahold of us in a new way? Something each of us are wrestling with, in our own ways, is this central thought. 

Will we respond in ways that are helpful to the opportunity presented to us?

To answer that I need to examine myself. That one question spurs so many more. What does it look like for me to be helpful? What difference can I make with only a week? Am I even open to God opening my eyes to something greater? Am I willing to allow this to be a galvanizing moment in my story?

Or am I sold out on the relative safety of the life I live and love? 

For me, the question presented to our team tonight is a dangerous one. I have to be honest in acknowledging that I'd rather just muscle through this week in Haiti and go home mostly unchanged than be open my hands up to receive all that this trip could bring. 

So, while all the lead-up to this trip had to do with thinking through safety issues of my body– just maybe God's going to rock me to the core and force me to examine the safe harbor I reside in?

Our journey is just beginning. But in so many ways our journeys are just entering a new chapter.

— Adam McLane




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