Seriously Ridiculous in Nashville

Youth Specialties
November 24th, 2008

We received this email this morning from a convention attendee, amazing stuff.

Yesterday, just after the 3rd general session, my wife and I were walking around the exhibit hall checking out some of the vendors tables. After sometime we decided to head back up to the room and hang out for a bit before we went out for the afternoon. As we were walking out of the exhibit hall there was a man with a case on his back and no shoes on his feet! I had remembered seeing him on the street the day before… I’m pretty sure he was homeless! As I walked by him I noticed that he was trying to get into the food area that is just outside the exhibit hall… the thought had crossed my mind to offer to buy him a meal, but I chickened out! Actually, I felt pretty much like a “coward”! As he walked into the food area a security guard stopped him and started to escort him out, even before he could even get close enough to look at the food! My heart began to ache for this man! Tears started to swell up in my eyes… not sure if that was because I felt bad for him or because I have become extremely convicted this weekend to have a passion and a burden for the lost! Nevertheless, I still did not muster up the courage to offer this man ANYTHING! I intentionally slowed down so as to let the man and the security guard walk by me, just so I could see what happened! I’m glad I did, because I saw something that convicted yet blessed me all together! As they got to the stairs a young man, probably in his early 20’s, came RUNNING by me and stopped the man! The security guard was obviously annoyed… I’m not sure what he said to the man, but after about 30 seconds he took off his shoes and laid them at this mans feet!! remember… this man was barefoot! After he took off his shoes and gave them to this man he simply walked away! The homeless man just stood there, with the security guard poking him and telling him to move on, and slowly put this young mans shoes on his feet and then left. I want this young man to know how much he ministered to me and that I saw Jesus in him!! What he did for that man and for the Kingdom of Christ was SERIOUS RIDICULOUS!

Youth Specialties

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