Set-up Day

Youth Specialties
September 30th, 2010

The saying goes, “Many hands make fast work.”

Such was the case yesterday as the crews got going to set-up for convention.

Set-up day for the YS staff is a bit nerve wracking. With several shipments of supplies converging from all over the world we are charged with simultaneously receiving stuff, giving instructions on where it goes, helping our fellow staff (volunteer and YouthWorks) members know how its supposed to be set-up, and then checking to make sure everything is really in place and set-up according to design.

It makes for a complicated and tiring day!

Simply put, we couldn't have made it through the day if it weren't for the tireless efforts of our volunteer staff who arrived yesterday afternoon. After a quick welcome, we got to work putting together the handbooks and prepping the registration area for set-up. From there, we broke into our work teams and got busy setting up the store, registration, the main stage, the speakers areas, and folding about 20 million t-shirts.

Late into the evening, set-up day mercifully came to an end. While everything isn't final and ready we've made a great amount of progress for one day. Thursday, delegates start to arrive from all around the country as Intensive seminars kick-off.

At this point, we've done 9 months of preparation… we're left to execute the plan and lay the results on the altar before God.

Join us in praying that the youth workers coming this weekend we get rejuvenated, encouraged, challenged, and trained!

Youth Specialties

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