Short-Term Mission Agencies F-N

October 4th, 2009

Listed in alphabetical order:
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Forward Edge International
15121 NE 72nd Ave.
Vancouver, WA 98686
Phone: 360-574-3343
Fax: 360-574-2118
E-mail: fwdedge@wa-net.com
Web site: http://www.forwardedge.org
Ages: 15-21
Group Size: min 10 max 50
Adult Participation:, youth pastors/adult sponsors welcome, ratio usually 1:4 or 5
Trip Locations: US Indian Reservations, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Belize, Jamaica, Grenada
Trip Duration: 7-14 days
Trip Availability: all year
Types of Service: service projects, VBS, drama
Skills Needed: none
 team member manual that trains in areas of personal preparation, cultural awareness and teamwork, training conducted by host church using our materials
Denomination: non-denominational
Philosophy: short term missions place teens in a context where they can hear the call of God in their lives
Evangelistic Method: relational evangelism; Gospel presented through short skits or personal testimonies
Hope Students Return With: a deeper awareness of God's calling on their lives and a deeper desire to put God first and a greater awareness of the material super-abundance that exists in North America; a greater reluctance to be seduced by our consumer crazy culture.
To Register: youth leaders contact FEI to hear about ministry options
Cost: $250-550 depending on destination and length of stay 
Cost Covers: everything but travel expenses to and from site
Distinctives: We customize mission trips for sending churches and schools, i.e. you choose the dates and destination, we provide practical prepatory materials, experienced on-site facilitators, and complete logistical coordination.
In Existence: since 1983

Gleanings for the Hungry
PO Box 309
Sultana, CA 93666
Phone: 559-591-5009
Fax: 559-591-5036
E-mail: gleanings@attitude.com
Web site: http://www.gleanings.org
Group Size: 65-75
Adult Participation: welcomed, ratio 1:10, 
Trip Locations: Central Valley, California
Trip Duration: 1-2 weeks
Trip Availability: summer
Types of Service: working on a fruit processing line
Skills Needed: none
Training: on site
Denomination: non-denominational
Philosophy: 25:35 “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat.” Mark 16:15, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel.” We meet their basic need first: Feed them.
Evangelistic Method: n/a
Hope Students Return With: a grasp of giving of themselves in a labor of love, that their work has made it possible to feed starving children globally.
To Register: call Gleanings (559 591-5009) to set up a week to serve
Cost: $50
Cost Covers: food and lodging. Not included: travel to and from ministry site
Distinctives: It is a working hands on mission base located in California.
In Existence: 20 years
Et Cetera: to participate in acts of mercy while bringing the gospel; to feed the nations

Group Workcamps
PO Box 599
Loveland, Co 80539
Phone: 800-385-4545
Fax: 970-679-4371
E-mail: info@groupworkcamps.com
Web site: http://www.groupworkcamps.com
Ages: age 12 (completed 6th grade) through age 19
Group Size: no minimum size group, average camp capacity is 400 youth and adults
Adult Participation: youth pastors and adult sponsors welcome, ratio: 1:5
Trip Locations: numerous international and domestic locations, rural and inner city opportunities
Trip Duration: one week in length (Sunday-Saturday)
Trip Availability: summer (mid June-early August)
Types of Service: construction/home repair
Skills Needed: no special skills needed
Training: A planning guide and video are sent to prospective groups. After registration, a leaders manual which includes pre-camp devotions, construction orientation and other orientation materials is provided.
Denomination: interdenominational, a division of Group Publishing
Philosophy: to help young people grow in their Christian faith through service
Evangelistic Method: discipleship of youth through home repair ministry to needy families
Hope Students Return With: a deepened faith in God, deeper understanding of faith in action, heightened sensitivity to needs of others, ability to be more effective team members, stronger sense of community in their youth groups.
To Register: call 1-800-385-4545; log on to www.groupworkcamps.com; mail in registration
Cost: $345 for each student and adult sponsor
Cost Covers: INCLUDES administration, pre camp training and materials, all meals and lodging, construction materials, inspirational and faith building evening program, devotional materials, secondary accident and health insurance, T shirt. NOT included: transportation/lodging to and from workcamps
Distinctives: 25 years expertise organizing workcamps. We sweat the details so the youth leaders can focus on the spiritual and relational aspects of the experience.
In Existence: 25 years
Et Cetera: Over 100,000 people have participated in Group Workcamps. 48 workcamps will be offered this coming year.

International Teams
1 Union Street 
Elmira, Ontario, Canada N3B 2X2
Phone: 800-465-7601
Fax: 519-666-5644
E-mail: jenl@iteams.org
Web site: http://www.iteams.org
Ages: jr. high-college
Group Size: 5-100
Adult Participation: No (staffed by church leadership), ratio1:5 or 6
Trip Locations: 92 locations all around the world
Trip Duration: inner city North America 3-10 days; overseas 10 days – 6 weeks
Trip Availability: year round
Types of Service: SERVICE Work / ministry combination is primary focus – allowing them to put faith in action
Skills Needed: none
Training: given to team leaders to walk through with their teams
Denomination: non-denominational
Philosophy: Every believer is called to put their faith in action. We are called to be global in our world view. What better way to expose the hearts of youth to the world around them.
Evangelistic Method: compassionate evangelism – meeting people where they are and sharing the gospel in the journey
Hope Students Return With: We desire that our team leader would continue the debrief process as the team and individuals to re-enter them and integrate them into life and ministry.
To Register: Team leader handles the application process. Contact our office.
Cost: Varies. Starts at $47 per day
Cost Covers: Training material, tax receipts, booking of flights, food, host, accommodations, ground transportation, ministry expenses NOT INCLUDED travel to and from location, passport, immunizations, medical insurance
Distinctives: We only take existing groups (churches/schools). Each team experience is customized.
In Existence: 41 years

PO Box 231
Wheaton, IL 60189
Phone: 800-502-0699
Fax: 630-668-0980
E-mail: info@leadertreks.com
Web site: http://www.leadertreks.com
Ages: junior and senior high
Group Size: 12-20
Adult Participation: welcomed, ratio at discretion of the youth leader
Trip Locations: Tennessee, Kentucky, Arizona, New Mexico, Alaska, South Carolina, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Romania, Costa Rica, Israel
Trip Duration: 1 and 2 week trips, as well as summer-long internships
Trip Availability: year round
Types of Service: evangelism outreach and construction projects
Skills Needed: none
Training: pre trip training offered for all groups, including workbooks teams can go through together
Denomination: non-denominational
Philosophy: developing leaders to fulfill the great commission
Evangelistic Method: child evangelism materials
Hope Students Return With: a deeper love for Christ, leadership skills, big dreams.
To Register: contact us because we customize each trip
Cost: $300-$1400
Cost Covers: training material, lodging, food, ministry materials, training materials, visas, staff
Distinctives: customized trips for one group at a time; offers different levels of experience.
In Existence: 6 years

Mission Discovery
PO Box 612
Goodlettsville, TN 37070
Phone: 800-767-8720
E-mail: projects@missiondiscovery.org
Web site: http://www.missiondiscovery.org
Ages: jr. and sr. high
Group Size: any size group
Adult Participation: ratio 1:7
Trip Locations: Mexico border, middle Tennessee, Nassau, Bahamas, Central America, Jamaica
Trip Duration: one week
Trip Availability: all year
Types of Service: construction, outreach, medical clinics
Skills Needed: no special skills
Training: pre-field orientation is provided for every trip leader
Denomination: non-denominational
Philosophy: Serve Jesus Christ by mobilizing the church to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the world's poor.
Evangelistic Method: We have a balance of construction and evangelism. Teams come as learners, servants prepared to share the Good News of Jesus through evangelism outreaches daily.
Hope Students Return With: Mission Discovery trips provide life skills. Everything learned on a project can be transferred to life back home. Our focus: service, evangelism, love for the poor.
To Register: Group leaders register teams. $50 deposit secures space on a project.
Cost: average trip is $399, plus any travel expenses to the field of service
Cost Covers: price is all inclusive (except airfare and souvenirs)
Distinctives: MD offers quality evening program with great speakers, worship leaders, and video from the day's work.
In Existence: 10 years
Et Cetera: Different level trips offered – entry level to advanced

Missions to Mexico
PO Box 186
Sutherlin, OR 97479
Phone: 011 52 616 166 2827
E-mail: missionstomexico@yahoo.com
Web site: http://www.GoMissionsToMexico.com
Ages: All ages welcome
Group Size: aAll sizes welcome, however, there is a minimum fee for groups smaller than 20 
Adult Participation: Welcome, ratio based upon the discretion of group leaders
Trip Locations: Baja California, Mexico
Trip Duration: One week
Trip Availability: Year around
Types of Service: Work projects, Vacation Bible School Outreaches, Youth Outreaches, Sport Outreaches, Adult Outreaches, Film Outreaches, Church Planting, Drama, and Music Outreaches
Skills Needed: A servants heart, love for Christ
Training: Large online manual, onsite training upon arrival
Denomination: Non-denominational
Philosophy: We are long term missionaries who use short term mission groups in fulfilling the Great Commission. We serve alongside of groups while in Mexico.
Evangelistic Method: We work alongside specially chosen churches to strengthen and serve with them so that your fruit remains long after you've left. 
Hope Students Return With: A larger world view of the rest of the world and how God can use them in His Kingdom wherever they might serve Him.
To Register: From our website: www.GoMissionsToMexico.com
Cost: $175 per person for adults and youth, $125 per person for children, under 5 are free.
Cost Covers: Materials for work projects, lodging at secure mission base, showers, large furnished kitchen, meeting rooms, experienced long term missionaries who will accompany and serve with you.
Distinctives: We are long term missionaries who will serve with you and help you during your time in Mexico. We work with specially chosen churches. Through them you'll do your work projects and ministry outreaches. By working with the local church, your fruit will remain long after you've gone.
In Existence: 8 years

Mountain T.O.P. 
2704 12th Avenue
Nashville, TN 37204
Phone: 615-298-1575
Fax: 615-269-8986
E-mail: melanie@mountain-top.org
Web site: http://www.mountain-top.org
Ages: participants must have completed 7th grade
Group Size: 36 per camp
Adult Participation: ratio 1:5, adults welcome (sr. pastors come free in groups of 12 or more)
Trip Locations: Cumberland Mountains of Tennessee
Trip Duration: 7 days
Trip Availability: summer
Types of Service: minor home repair construction, day camp for mountain children
Skills Needed: none
Training: Training sessions are sent to groups before trip which provide preparation for pre- and post- trip experiences.
Denomination: affiliation: United Methodist Church – open to all denominations
Philosophy: Foundational scriptures are Matthew 4:18-20 and Matthew 25:34-36. The concept of becoming a fisher of people for Christ is central to our ministry.
Evangelistic Method: Witnessing done through relationships formed during the week. We focus on meeting the “expressed” needs of the families we partner with.
Hope Students Return With: having strengthened their personal relationship with Christ and that they return home eager to find ways to serve in their own home towns.
To Register: group sends a deposit to reserve a space
Cost: $300-$320
Cost Covers: food, lodging, staff, full evening program, construction and ministry materials, T shirt
Distinctives: our camps are multi group experiences, variety of experiences
In Existence: 26 years

New Hope International
PO Box 110
Colorado Springs, CO 80901
Phone: 800-297-9591
Fax: 719-577-4453
E-mail: dave@newhopeinternational.org
Web site: http://www.newhopeinternational.org
Ages: jr high – college
Group Size: min 4-5, max 15-20
Adult Participation: ratio: min two adult sponsors per group, youth pastors/adult sponsors required
Trip Locations: Eastern Europe, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Ukraine
Trip Duration: 10-20 days
Trip Availability: summer only
Types of Service: helping our national workers who are working in local churches
Skills Needed: our camps run much like a youth camp in the US, therefore skills needed would be the same: bible studies, devotions, testimonies, sports and recreation, crafts
Training: Some training and cultural materials supplied. Training is expected to be done at the church level.
Denomination: non-denominational
Philosophy: Working alongside national workers within the local churches, our short term mission trips are only viable if they are supporting and complimenting the ministry of the local churches.
Evangelistic Method: American short term missionaries share their testimonies and the Gospel, begin relationships with nationals with an eye to funneling the new believers into the local church.
Hope Students Return With: great spiritual growth (personal and corporate); a great influence upon the missions aspects of the sending church; increased desire to serve God in all aspects of Christian service; increased worldview; inter-cultural experience; great fun and memories
To Register: contact Dave Wolf at New Hope
Cost: Generally $1300-1600 per person for a basic trip 
Cost Covers: airfare, hotel costs, transportation, visa costs (Ukraine only), camp or lodging expenses. NOT included meals eaten in restaurants; tourist products; and any ministry materials which would be brought from the US
Distinctives: We work through on-the-field national workers in Eastern European based ministry.
In Existence: 30 years

New Mission Systems International
PO Box 547
Ft. Meyers, FL 33902
Phone: 941-337-4336
Fax: 941-461-0686
E-mail: nms@nms-intl.com
Web site: http://www.nms-intl.com
Ages: students graduated from 8th grade and older
Group Size: 1-50
Adult Participation: welcomed, ratio1:2
Trip Locations: Australia, Eastern Europe, Africa, Caribbean, Southeast Asia
Trip Duration: 10-21 days
Trip Availability: all year
Types of Service: construction, VBS/day camps
Skills Needed: none
Training: We offer 1-3 pre-field orientation. Group leader and worship training also available
Denomination: non -denomination
Philosophy: We believe strongly in working with local congregations in all our work. Participants focus on developing positive relationships.
Evangelistic Method: Assisting the local congregations in their long term goals is the focus of our work.
Hope Students Return With: closer to God; a desire to pray and study Bible daily; gain positive attitude towards missions and a willingness to respond to His call
To Register: Contact us, then complete application and turn in 10% deposit to secure their space.
Cost: $1200-$2900
Cost Covers: INCLUDES airfare, ground transportation, food, lodging, ministry materials and staffing
Distinctives: We seek to send effective missions projects that happen to use youth, not youth programs that happen to be international.
In Existence: 12 years

Listed in alphabetical order:
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