Social Media Guidelines for Ministry Leaders

October 20th, 2010

Social media is here to stay. But how do we train our leaders and even educate ourselves on healthy boundaries and standards to protect everyone in the process? My pal Alan Mercer is working on a social media training element for his ministry and it got me thinking about what we're doing (or not doing) again.

I came across the Safe Church guidelines shared on the Episcopal Church of Connecticut's website. I was impressed with the suggested practices and guidelines. They even include recommendations for email, texting, video chats, and video blogs. The icing on the cupcake here was a link to print a PDF booklet to pass out at training meetings. I'll be doing this today.

Our church uses Safe Church for background checks, even so, I was unaware of the diversity of their resources. I'm not getting paid to say these things—I just think it's an valuable resource for us utilize to use to keep our families and everyone we serve safe.

If you'd like to discuss how we are fleshing these guidelines out in our ministries just message us on facebook (how appropriate).

Brooklyn Lindsey

Alan Mercer


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