Spiderman 3

January 11th, 2010


By Dave Metz The long wait is over. All of the fan boys and girls as well as those newly introduced to Spiderman through his two previous movies can now see the third installment in the series. Directed by Sam Raimi, who also did the first two movies, Spidey 3 also retains the original cast, along with a lot of newcomers. Yes, the long wait is over; I wish the wait had been longer.

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The movie producers should have taken more time on this one–to sure up a betterscript, to allow for more takes when the actors didn't quite “hit it”, or to add more action to what is supposed to be an action movie. More time might have helped this movie. However, they didn't take the time to make a quality movie so now we are stuck with a much anticipated film that can only be described in two words: aw-ful.

At a packed theater for a midnight showing, loyal fans to the comic book and the movies filled the seats only to laugh at the serious scenes, groan at the terrible dialogue, and wish for its ending so they could go home. Many wondered how to get their money back from this slow moving and (for lack of a better word) corny film.

  Toby Maguire who plays Spiderman (and Peter Parker, Spidey’s secret identity) Kirsten Dunst (Parker’s love interest, Mary Jane Watson) look as though they are reading from cue cards. And really, should there be a dance scene in a superhero movie? Actor James Franco who plays the New Goblin/Harry Osborn returns to avenge his father's death but then forgets it only to be reminded by his “father” and then forgets it again?

Are we supposed to sympathize with the new villains, Sandman (Thomas Haden Church) and Venom (Topher Grace), or root for Spidey against them? I only understood the plot since parts of it were lifted straight from the comics, but the story had so many emotional twists that it became ridiculous. It was obvious Raimi and his team wanted to elicit a tear from this audience who would rather see explosions, high-tech CGI, and watch Peter Parker get his butted kicked but then still win against the bad guys in the end. Sure, the audience got all that, but it ruined by all of the mush.

Middle and High school students will want to spend their hard earned money (or their parent's hard earned money) to see Spidey 3 because of all the hype as will the Spiderman empire’s loyal fan base. But everyone should wait until it comes out on DVD so they can see the bonus DVD footage of Sam Raimi apologizing for not living up to his own standards.


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