Steal The Fish

May 25th, 2017

If You Love Steal the Bacon and Dodgeball, Then You Might Just Get “Hooked” on  STEAL THE FISH. 

Just a bit of Fun that is also a Little Bit “Fishy.”

Object of the Game

Steal the Fish is based on the classic “Steal the Bacon game and rules.

The object of Steal the Bacon is to take the “bacon” back to your own side without being caught. In this game, two teams are chosen, An object is required to be the bacon. (beanbag, rag, eraser …) The members of each team are numbered. They form two opposing lines and place the bacon in the exact center of playing space. The leader then calls out a number. The players on each side who are assigned that number are the players for that round. They must run out and try to get the “Bacon” Neither player may touch the other until someone touches the bacon. Once a player touches the bacon however, the other player may tag him/her. If a player is able to grab the bacon and carry it back over to his/her own side, that team scores a point. Games Kids Play.


  • Kiddie Pool
  • A Large Package of Breaded Fish Sticks
  • 2-3 Dodgeballs

Set Up

  • Place a kiddie pool in the center of a playing area (inside or outside)*
  • Empty a whole package of fish sticks into the pool
  • Place 2-3 dodge balls into the pool
  • Mark off 2-4 team areas and end lines
* Filling the pool with water is optional, depending if you are inside or outside. 

Basic Rules

A member of each team must be the first person to the center of the room, steal a fish stick and get it back to their team’s side without getting hit with a dodgeball!

Game Set Up

  • Divide everyone up into 2-4 equal teams
  • Send them to their team area and have them line up
  • Assign each person on each team a number, similar to “steal the bacon”
  • Have everyone stay lined up according to number

Game Play

  • Each round, announce a single number
  • Players from each team with that assigned number must run out and either steal the fish or attempt to hit the player with the fish with a dodgeball before they can make it back to their side
  • As the game progresses, start announcing more than one number to make it more fun and challenging.

Have Fun, Enjoy.  Make Up Your Own “House Rules!”

dan.DAN ISTVANIK is the 5th to 8th-grade pastor at Victory Church in Lancaster, PA. He has been working in youth ministry for over 20 years serving churches in Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Virginia. Besides serving in the local church setting he is also the youth ministry content writer for Parent Ministry.Net, along with being a contributor to a variety of other great youth ministry resources like Youthworker Journal, Group Magazine, Download Youth Ministry, and more. Additional he shares daily Jr. high/middle school ministry specific resources, and hints on his own blog “The Middle Years” at: www.middleyearsministry.com


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