What Should I Study in Grad School?

September 15th, 2017

This title is the same thing that I have asked in looking at what to study after I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree. It is a question to ponder and discuss with yourself if you are truly contemplating going on in your studies. The past half year I have contemplated this and have decided what I am going to study when I finish my first degree. I am going to take you through steps I took to come to the conclusion.

What Do I Need to Learn?

This is a serious question to ask! When going on in education, it should be for something that we need to learn to be better equippers of what God has called us to do. As a family pastor, I oversee the children and student ministries at the church I serve. This requires a lot of leadership, decision making, systems and the list goes on. With my Bachelor’s degree, it is focused in Christian Ministry, so I have gained knowledge in the Bible. For me, a general theology or divinity degree, I felt, would not properly prepare me for where I see God’s vision for the future of our family ministry. After much discerning with God and wise counsel, I felt the need to pursue a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). This is not usual for ministry leaders to have, but the principles and leadership that are taught in an MBA program will help push me in the direction of where I need to be. I felt that in my ministry degree, and in many, there are many leadership principles that should be addressed to be better prepared for ministry.

Something I did not learn until coming on staff at a church is volunteer recruitment and volunteer leading. This is a big one for the church because, without it, no ministry can run. Volunteers are needed. I needed to learn how to recruit the volunteers and then how to lead them. The MBA will give me the necessary knowledge on providing systems and better leadership to the volunteers I get to serve. So, with the question of “What do I need to learn,” I need to learn how to be a more professional and effective leader for the church I serve. This is the first and most important question to ask, so that you will enjoy your degree program, but also to give you clarity on what God wants you to become more knowledgeable in.

Where Should I Go?

Knowing where to go is another important thing to know. There are many factors that go into this category. There is price, accreditation, location, program level, and the list goes on. For me, I wanted an MBA that would be accredited, a price that was fair, and the location would be preferably online. On the search for this degree program, I looked at quite a few colleges, searching up and down what the program offered and classes that would be taken.

In the search, it came down to two colleges. I had it narrowed down to Western Governors University and Liberty Online. These universities are known for their online programs and success within them. I decided to go with Western Governors University because the program fit my style the best. The price was also much cheaper than any other university I researched. While price is a plus, I think you should go to a college that fits you and your style of learning the best. For me, I work best at my own pace, on my own time. They provide that in how you pay tuition for six-months and have the ability to complete as many courses as you can. This is where I lined up the best. This fit me the best in where I want to be in the future as a leader and pastor.

This is what I have done to determine what I should study in grad school and also where I want to be in the future. If you are contemplating going back for a graduate degree or continuing on to your graduate degree, I hope that these tips will help you in your search to find the best program for you as they did for me.

Ben Lock has served in youth ministry is some form or fashion for around 4 years as a volunteer and now full-time at New Heights Church in Connersville, IN. He loves to show children and teens the love that God has for them. When he is not hanging out with students, Ben likes to play video games, go camping, watch movies, and go on dates with his wife, Kaitlyn.


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