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Youth Specialties
September 4th, 2008

Here’s the deal. If you were a subscriber of the YS audio podcast you may have noticed it now says “Not available in the US store” over at iTunes. Let me translate that into English, we killed that feed. The “why we killed the old feed” is a long, unexciting story. What is worth telling you is that our video podcast has a brand new feed at iTunes. And just because we know some of you love those early shows, all of the previous episodes are on our new feed. What do I have to do? Click here to go directly to the YS Podcast iTunes page. Once there, click “subscribe” and you’re good to go. From now on when we release a new episode it will automatically download for you. While you’re there go ahead and post a review to let others know what you think about it. If you’ve missed our new podcast format, take a few minutes to watch the first three videos now. Spread it around! Find the podcast useful or encouraging? Share the love! Feel free to post episodes on your blog, download it and show it to your volunteer team, or just help us out by talking it up at your next meeting of local youth workers.

Youth Specialties

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