Summer Camp (in Words)

Youth Specialties
July 11th, 2009

Summer camp is…kamp-ys-05 strong relationships a blast tiring making new friends salvation the ropes course young people important decisionskamp-ys-01 exhilarating swimming quiet time a hoot! sun burns healing water balloons group leaders cabin pranks drawing closer to Himkamp-ys-03 zip lines living out loud dehydration activities / team challenges mentoring a release group devotionskamp-ys-02 exhausting pain killers worth it like experiencing God as 1,000 batteries plugged into your face P.D.A. (squashed) freedom caring adults life-changing late nights funkamp-ys-08 sacrifice testimonies receiving a life-calling bonding exercising rarely used muscle groups leadership an annual kick in the pantskamp-ys-06 worship sharing life laughter learning together unforgettable … What words do you think of when you hear “summer camp”? [thanx to Abby, Janessa, @baldbob, @auggnation, and @chriskidd for your input)

Youth Specialties

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