Summer Success Stories: RJ

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September 2nd, 2010

A year ago RJ's parents brought him to youth group.  He was mixed up in drugs and failing school. Neither of them had any interest in church or the things of God and in fact were almost anti-Christianity. But they knew RJ needed something to change his life.  After a year of ups and downs, we went to camp this summer and RJ finally surrendered his life to Christ. 

Within three weeks of Ryan accepting Jesus I had the privilege of leading RJ's sister, who had not previously had any interest in Christianity and had even gotten very mildly involved in paganism, to Christ.

Then within three weekSummer Success Storiess of her accepting Christ I had RJ's two parents in my office completely broken and in awe of what God was doing in their kids lives and they to accepted Jesus Christ. This family had made a 100% turn toward Jesus!

RJ shipped out for the Army at the beginning of August and now his sister is one of our greatest evangelists, who is willing to share the Gospel with ANYONE! His parents are both regularly attending Bible studies and have actually put together a plan for how to reach some of their co-workers and family members withe message of Jesus!

From Frank in Texas

Youth Specialties

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