Taking Time Out

Youth Specialties
June 6th, 2011

A friend of mine asked this question on a private Facebook Group for area youth workers this week: “So… how many nights will you be away from home this summer?” 

You can probably guess the responses. I’m sure many of you are committed to one, two, or even three weeks of summer camps, weekend retreats, fundraising events, and more during this season. The summertime is a great time to connect with students while they are free from school halls.

And, more than likely, all of that is good. I just want to remind you to take some time out to rest in the busyness of the season. Ask your pastor for a day or two off after a week of camp. Take a silent retreat before or after a full calendar week to regroup and soak in the presence of God. Allow Him to be your source and your rest.

If you don’t take time to take time out, you might find your body taking time out for you — on the floor. Don’t overdo it. Do all that God has called you to do, but do it with wisdom. Do it with periods of sabbath.

Lecture over. Now go and party like a rock star! It’s summertime!!!


Youth Specialties

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