Ten Quick but Powerful Affirmations

Youth Specialties
September 20th, 2011

Here are 10 quick affirmations that can make a students day:

1. Send an electronic greeting card.
2. Leave a message on her voice mail (intentionally call when you know she’s in school).
3. Drop off a note where he works part-time. If you’re at the fast food place or in the mall, jot a quick note on a placemat, napkin or scrap of paper that says you thought of him.
4. E-mail a picture you took at an event and add a fun caption.
5. Send a text message saying, “You’re awesome!”
6. Send a postcard when you’re out of town.
7. Call the parents and tell them how cool their kid is.
8. Write a top ten list of the things you like about a student,.
9. Write a personalized limerick. For example:

There once was a guy named Jamal
His heart is huge – never small
He’s friendly and kind
A great friend to find
He sticks with you for the long haul.

You don’t have to find words that rhyme with a kid’s name.
Melissa’s a girl who can jive
She has energy, passion and drive
Her smile lights the place
I see god in her face
Our youth group rocks ‘cause she’s alive

10. Praise them on their facebook page

What ones would you add?

Youth Specialties

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