The Power of the ‘Personal Ask’

Youth Specialties
December 14th, 2018

One of the most difficult parts of a youth worker’s job tends to be recruiting volunteers, but it doesn’t have to be.  And, if we want to grow our ministry, we have to grow our volunteer base. Many of us, myself included, often wish we could do it ourselves or clone ourselves to be the leaders we need.  However, a better and healthier ministry invites others around the table. I heard it said, “The more of your ministry you are willing to give away, the more it will continue to grow.” If we want to give ministry away, we have to recruit more volunteers.

In my time as a youth worker, I have tried and failed at a lot of recruiting strategies.  This may sound crazy, but the one strategy that has proven to be most successful is when I simply ask others to be involved. If people tell me that they cannot recruit anyone to help in their ministry, my first question I ask is, “Who have you asked to be involved in your youth ministry?” Here are some reasons why personally asking people to be involved in your ministry works:

They see the need. If you try to announce from the front stage, or through social media that help is needed, people expect that others will sign-up to help. On the other hand, if you go up to them and let them know the kind of help you need, that person will be more apt to join the team. In my experience of recruiting volunteers, when I ask them face-to-face, way more people have said yes to helping than no.

It shows that they are valued. When you personally ask someone that you would like for them to be involved in the youth ministry, it shows them that they are valued before they even begin. Out of all the people you could choose from, you chose them. People love to feel valued.  If you ask someone to serve, it shows that you think they, out of all the people around, can make a difference in a student’s life.

You don’t have to do it alone. The good news is that you can use the leaders already involved in your youth ministry to help. We never have to recruit by ourselves. Ask them to ask people to serve in the youth ministry.

The power of  the personal approach to recruiting volunteers is a game changer when it comes to growing your ministry. It has changed how I recruit volunteers and an effective way to gain new leaders for your ministry.

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