The Question Game

April 12th, 2017

Players stand in a circle and the only object is to ask questions of each other, always asking the question of the person to their right.


The player to the right of the question asker has to look at the asker, listen to the question, then turn to the person to their right and ask a new question.

No questions can be repeated.

If a player waits more than 3 seconds to ask the question, he/she is out.

This continues until there is only one left standing. The “no questions being repeated” rule continues until a new game is started where everyone is back in (so when a person gets out, I can’t then ask the questions they asked earlier etc.).

This is one of my favorite games to play when doing intergenerational activities because it’s easy and adults will ask each other really silly questions when they are with kids.

sara galyonSARA GALYON is the Episcopal Youth Community Director for ST MATTHEW’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH in Madison, AL. She has been working with youth in some capacity for 15 years, and has an MA in Youth Ministry from Memphis Theological Seminary. She is a wife to a fellow youth minister, mom to two boys and two dogs, and underfunded world traveler.


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