One Truth Every Youth Worker Needs To Hear Now

Chandler Bailey
June 27th, 2019

I am super pumped to share my thoughts on the one, essential truth in youth ministry that every youth worker needs to know now, today! However, before I go into detail, can I just pause and just say, “You are AWESOME and you ROCK!” I mean this seriously! I cannot imagine where youth, from all over and all backgrounds, would be or become if it wasn’t for your influence. So, with that being said, let’s dig in.

Many have found and entertained the theological concepts of evangelism and discipleship. Some youth workers have committed programming built on the foundations of evangelism and discipleship. However, some may have never paused and reflected on how they intertwine and truly connect with one another. For example, have you ever went to evangelize a student and discovered they had already received Jesus and needed discipleship? Have you ever went to disciple students and discovered they needed evangelized?

Here is the truth. Discipleship and evangelism intertwine in fantastic, dynamic fashion in Christian ministry. Once you do one, you have to do the other, and after one is activated, the power is found in the usage of the other (read that sentence a couple of times). Today, students face challenges that prior generations have never encountered before. The momentum of our Post-Christendom era is challenging both our evangelism and discipleship strategies. As youth workers, we have to be intentional about both evangelism and discipleship. You can’t have one without the other.

Youth Workers, I believe we should consider our youth ministries as a domestic mission field. Question, since the Apostle Paul was a “domestic missionary,” how would he program a youth ministry in the USA? What would it look like? We, youth workers and students, are in desperate need to awaken and revitalize a call to evangelize and disciple our friends. Youth workers, as you plan your next programming and unleash the creativity of your team, stop and think how you can intertwine evangelism and discipleship strategies into your ministry.

I call this strategic-approach the Art of the Follow-Through. When we engage the exchange of youth ministry through the lens of evangelism and discipleship. We can trust that the Holy Spirit will assist with the follow through of God’s desired success in our youth ministries. When we engage and execute both of these works, we leave the start, the middle, and the ending to the grace of God to save students. Youth Workers should see that evangelism and discipleship, can be blended together in our respective youth ministries. 

Simple truth. Evangelism introduces teenagers to Jesus and discipleship introduces more of Jesus to teenagers. As you move forward with your planning and programming, keep this in mind. My prayer is that you take the seed found in both of these and work them to accomplish the will of the Lord in the lives of students. Think about it, give it a shot, blend them both, and trust the Holy Spirit’s involvement to bring about great success in your youth ministry.

Chandler Bailey

Chandler Scotland Bailey serves as Youth Pastor for Right Direction Church International’s EPIC Student Ministries. His heart is committed to seeing the lives of young people changed by the delivering power of Jesus Christ. He masterfully uses his love for the Hip-Hop Culture to deliver the Word of God practically for young people. Pastor Chandler’s shares his journey with his life partner and wife Audria. They are the proud parents of two children.

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