This Week’s Trending Links (April 17)

Jacob Eckeberger
April 17th, 2014




Here are some of our favorite trending links from across the web this week. We look at some incredible Holy Week videos as well as links to articles on 7 dangerous apps, the truth about teens sexting, and the viral video for the world's toughest job. Enjoy!

The Common Truth: Ordinary Stories for an Extraordinary Season

We stumbled on this artcile about The Common Truth: Ordinary Stories for an Extraordinary Season. It's an incredibly creative adaptation of the daily meditations for Holy Week. Check out a handful of the videos and more from the article HERE.


7 Dangerous Apps That Parents Need to Know About

There's no need for a panic but we found this helpful article on “7 Dangerous Apps” that every youth worker and parent should be aware of. READ MORE

The Truth About Teen Sexting

Every student that has a phone is glued to it. Actually, we all are. We are constantly communicating with each other and it's no surprise that some of what is sent to our students is just dangerous or unhealthy. The folks over at YouthMinistryMedia.ca put together a startling infographic on teens and sexting. The information is a bit startling and unsettling, but it's something all youth workers need to be aware of. READ MORE


Job Seekers Interview for “The World's Toughest Position”

Have you seen the viral video of job seekers interviewing for the world's toughest job? It's a little funny and a whole lot of truth, reminding us how thankful we are for our parents. Now I'm off to hug my mom and dad again. WATCH NOW

Jacob Eckeberger

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