Top 20 Youth Ministry Blogs of 2010

Youth Specialties
June 8th, 2010

Top 20 Youth Ministry Bloggers of 2010

For the last few years we've been wondering who was who in the youth ministry blogger landscape. Not knowing how else to keep track and only having lists like Kent Shaffer's list of the top 100 church bloggers, we started indexing youth ministry blogs and keeping track of their publicly available statistics.

Though this is the first time we've published our list, this is our second year of maintaining the rankings. The first year we looked purely at stats stats. (Alexa, Technorati, Google Page Rank, things like that) This year, we've added a bit of subjectivity by making 33% of the ranking weighted on a poll we did of our top 50 bloggers influence on youth ministry. Going forward we will invite the previous years top 20 to participate in the influence ranking. (Those who voted this year are in the top 50 of 2010.)

Without further introduction, here is our list of the top 20 youth ministry blogs of 2010.

2010 Rank

Blogger Name Blog address 2009 Rank
1 Youth Specialties Blog 12
2 Mark Oestreicher 3
3 Tim Schmoyer 3
4 Josh Griffin 2
5 Adam McLane 7
6 Adam Walker Cleaveland 1
7 Orange Leaders
8 Chris Folmsbee 21
9 Ian MacDonald

10 Walt Mueller
11 Jeremy Zach 28
12 Jonathan McKee 19
13 Fuller Youth Institute 5
14 Mark Riddle 25
15 Mike King 15
16 Tash McGill 41
17 Gavin Richardson 8
18 Matt Cleaver 29
19 Kurt Johnston 10
20 Stevan Sheets 10

Don't see your blog? Or don't see your favorite youth ministry blog? We're currently indexing a little over 100 youth ministry blogs so there is a good chance it is on our radar and just didn't make the top 20. If you think a blog has a shot to make the top 20, email adam (at) and we'll add it to the index for 2011. (Serious submissions only)

Follow them all on Twitter, we've created a list.

The hope & challenge of youth ministry bloggers. The heart behind these rankings is to expose you to some of the great minds out there blogging on the topic of youth ministry. (7 of the top 20 are not published authors or established speakers at conferences) We also hope that by publishing this rankings it will act as a challenge and encourgage our fellow bloggers.

The challenge is simple– Write great content, do the basics of blogging well, and you will earn your way onto our list.

Editorial note: Yes, it is weird that our blog is in the #1 spot. We feel weird about it, too. You can see that in 2009 we were ranked #12 and we worked hard over the last year to improve the YS Blog by adding new contributors and better integrating the blog into the YS site. When we finished tabulating all of the statistics and the influence rank, it was clear the YS Blog belonged in the #1 spot.

Youth Specialties

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