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May 14th, 2013


This week's links include the Ambercrombie comments regarding youth image, the great cell phone debate, the infographic of the hyper-connected teen, a study linking adolescent bullies to criminal behavior, decisions and how long they last, and fixing the broken cycle of youth ministry.


Abercrombie… Where Ethics, Brains and Beauty Are Only Skin Deep – (Walt Mueller, Learning my Lines)

Study Links Adolescent Bullies to Criminal Behavior Later – (The University of Texas at Dallas News Center)

Make a Decision…it probably won't last – (Doug Fields)

The Hyper-Connected Teenager [infographic] – (YouthMinistryMedia.ca)

Should Youth Grips Allow Students to Use Their Phones? – (YouthMin.org)

Fixing the Broken Cycle of Youth Ministry – (Doug Franklins, Online Youth Ministry Leader)



Youth Specialties

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