Trending Links: Criticism, 7 Trends in Missions, Pranking, and Barna Group Research

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March 11th, 2014

In this week's trending links, we highlight posts on how to be successful running the marathon of youth ministry. We cover how to deal with criticism, 7 macro trends in missions, pranking in youth ministry, and new research from Barna Group on the “screen age”.

Dealing with Criticism in Youth Ministry

Since we are talking about how youth ministry is a marathon and not a sprint, we thought this post was a great lead. Why? Because criticism is inevitable in youth ministry. There is at some point going to be a student who doesn't like how you are leading thr charge, a volunteer who leaves, or a parent who wants you to spend more time with their son or daughter. We will all face criticism – but we can find healthy, effective ways to deal with it which will actually help make our ministry stronger, and help shape our character and integrity.


How To Be Missions Smart: 7 Macro Trends You Need To Know About Right Now

Despite the ubiquity of the Internet, not everyone is a specialist. As a missions futurist, I often share what I know about global macro trends in order to help churches and organizations prepare now for what ministry is going to look like a year, five, or even a decade in the future.

I’ve compiled a short list of the seven macro trends I think are the most important for the Global Church to understand and strategize around both now and in the near future…”


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Whether you are on a retreat or hanging out with students after school – somewhere in their minds in the innate desire to play jokes and pranks on other students. Some call it fun. Some justify it as saying that it helps create memories and includes other folks. They say that it's not mean-spirited, but just trying to get a laugh. In this post, Ben Trueblood, a youth worker in TN, gives us some great thoughts on Pranking in Youth Ministry.


Three Digital Life Trends for 2014

When Barna speaks, we all listen… or at least we should. The folks at Barna continue to do some of the more relevant and in-depth research pertinent to the church that is out there. Their latest research is all about digital trends, and what they see moving forward in the way of handheld devices and technology. More importantly, they talk about how it affects culture and the lives of people at the core of who they are.


Youth Specialties

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