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March 25th, 2014

Movie Review: Divergent

 What did your teens see in the theatre's this past weekend? Divergent was the king at the box office this past weekend, claiming the top spot with an estimated $56 million. Meanwhile, the Muppets failed to take multiplexes in Muppets Most Wanted, earning $16.5 million, and the faith-based indie God’s Not Dead inspired an awesome $8.6 million from just 780 theaters. We know that you couldn't have been at all three movies yourself this past weekend, so we thought we'd point you to a review of Divergent from Christianity Today, to catch a glimpse of what it was all about.



Selfies! Pretty Selfies, Ugly Selfies, Selfies for Everyone!

Selfies – it's a term not just for teenagers anymore. In fact, “Selfie” was the Oxford Dictionary’s 2013 word of the year. However, what is the craze all about, and why are some teenagers intentionally taking bad pictures of themself? What's the point, and why the choice? Take a read from the NY Times on what teenagers told them.


12 Rules The Best Teachers Live By

We were pointed to this article on Huffington Post from this post on DownloadYouthMinistry.com. It's a great article from the perspective of a teacher – you know, those heroes who teach our kids everyday? Take a look at the post, and then see what Rachel Blom had to say at DYM.


Not Every Teenager Is A Leader. But Every Teenager Has Influence.

Hop over to our friends at YouthMinistry360 and read a fantastic reminder about the value of each student that we know and minister too. We don't need to make leaders out of all of them, but we do need to reminder them that they has influence.


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