Trending Links: More On Selfies, Don’t Mock The Megachurch, Chasing Elvis, Noah

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April 1st, 2014

In this week's trending links, are talking more about the selfie pandemic, why we shouldn't mock the megachurch, chasing Elvis, looking at the new movie Noah, and letting you know about a new iPhone app that will help create worship graphics for you.

She's Not A Megachurch. She's My Sister.

We all hear it, the constant debate back and forth of the value of the Megachurch. To some, they are the next best thing after Grace itself, but to others, they are the biggest threat we've ever experience in ministry. Regardless of your opinion of them, the big churches exist. What we need to do as youth workers and ministers is to do our part to understand them and their role in the Kingdom. Author Shauna Niequist rcently wrote a great post on her experience with the Megachurch.



Movie Review: Noah

Our good friend Brian Berry, took to the theatres with some friends this past week to catch a glimpse at the new movie, Noah. Last week, we highlighted a movie review on Divergent, and thought we'd keep the theme going with new one.

Brian – a fantastic youth worker in California gives us a great perspective on why we should see the movie, even if it's not 100% Biblically accurate.





NEW APP: Shift Media Creator

“You could keep finding worship media the way you’ve always done it. Search. Sort. Search some more.

Or you could use that powerful, high-end camera you’ve got in your pocket to shoot exactly the image you want, quickly and easily make it exactly the right size – and make it gorgeous – before sending it straight to your ShiftWorship account to download into your software.

It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s fun. And it puts all the creative power right in your hands. Worship media will never be the same.”




YouthWorker.com: Chasing Elvis

Our YS Team Leader, Mark Matlock, recently wrote a post for YouthWorker magazine in which he reflects back on his own personal faith journey and battling the changing cultures. Take a read on Mark's perspective as he takes a few moments to reflect back on his journey, and shares with us the experience he had with a chasing Elvis.



Young People and Selfies

Jonathan McKee is one of these guys who just has a tremendous understanding of teen culture, and can frame things so well for us youth workers. As a father of three of his own teenagers – he get's it.

Selfies, or a picture of yourself posted on the interwebs, have become the latest and greatest craze in pop culture tp the point that our pop culture “icons” and “role models” are jumping on board and taking things even further.

Take a read on Jonathan's read on what this Selfie thing is really all about.


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