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Youth Specialties
February 19th, 2014

Wisdom for Rookie Youth Pastors: Personal Development

With our focus this week being that healthy leaders lead healty ministries, we thought it'd be wise to share this post with you from our friends at Sometimes when we talk about healthy leaders, the perception is that we are talking about those who have been in ministry for a while, for folks who have gone through the battles and live in the trenches of youth ministry on a daily basis. But what about those who are just starting out in Youth Ministry? What about those rookie youth workers? This post from Joshua Fuentes (Student Minister at Second Baptist Church in Corpus Christi, TX) speaks directly to those new faces in youth ministry.


Teens & Social Media

We've come across two different articles that we've shared on our Twitter account over the past few days. However – we thought they were so good, that we'd be remiss not to highlight them again here. As youth workers, we are constantly needing to learn how to minister to teenagers despite a changing culture. The biggest thing that has changed for us has been how much teenagers and students use social media. How does it affect them? What can we learn about it? Twitter, Instagram, Facebook – teenagers spend hours here each day. Here's some incredibly useful information for you to know, and information for you to share with the parents of the teenagers in your ministry.

From Time Magazine, read Millennials: Trust No One But Twitter and from, read What Your Teen Is Really Doing All Day on Twitter and Instagram

Preaching At The Middle School Level: What You Need To Know

Are you a youth worker ministering to those junior high and middle school students? It's different, right? It's a blast, but it's different. However, middle school ministry cannot just be fun and games, they want to learn, and we have the opportunity to teach them and show them the story of scripture. Here are some practical tips at what you need to know when speaking to and teaching middle school students from Benjamin Kerns, the author of


Bob Goff – Love Needs No Return Address

Lastly, because we all love Bob, he made a short, simple video last week that serves as a great reminder to his words from our Idea Lab last week. Take a look:

Youth Specialties

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