Trending This Week (April 25)

Jacob Eckeberger
April 24th, 2014

Every Friday we send out our favorite trending links from the past week. This week includes some amazing blog posts, inspiring hashtags to review from live event tweets, books to be aware of, and some fun things to procrastinate with. 

Blogs From This Week

A solid post from Neely McQueen on empowering your students entitled “Rebooting Student Leadership”: CLICK TO VIEW

Matt Maiberger's post this week, “18 Must-Have Apps for Youth Speakers,” is really interesting for all you techy youth workers. Some of it applies to more itinerant youth speakers, but the section marked During-The-Event Apps are great for any youth worker. CLICK TO VIEW

Elle Campbell shared a very practical blog this week that is a great guideline when interviewing new volunteers: CLICK TO VIEW

Hashtags To Review

Here are a quick list of some of our favorite youth ministry hashtags from this week. There is a ton of great insight behind each one. We pulled the twitter searches for each hashtag and made them clickable so you can easily view and scroll through all the youth worker wisdom in 140 characters or less. 

#QNashville : CLICK TO VIEW – QIdeas.com hosted an event in Nashville this week to engage faith and culture through lectures and explorations by key speakers of today. You'll find live tweets from a packed speaker list that includes Andy Crouch, Shelley Giglio, Rachel Held Evans, Russell Moore, Dr. Anthony Bradley, and a ton more. 

#ICON14 : CLICK TO VIEW – This is a small business conference that actually has a ton of great insight for youth workers on topics of leadership. Not all the tweets will apply to you but the ones that do are a fresh perspective on leadership without the “church-y” language. 

#iasym2014 : CLICK TO VIEW – There was a youth ministry conference in europe this week and some of their tweets shared fascinating perspectives.  

#SpnMin : CLICK TO VIEW – A hashtag designated for Special Needs Ministries and something that I think all churches should be constantly thinking about. 

Books From This Week

There were 2 key books released this week discussing differing viewpoints on Christianity and same-sex relationships. We know that this topic is becoming more and more prevalent in youth ministries and that as youth workers, you are wrestling with the best way to walk through it. For today, our purpose today is just to make sure you're aware of the current conversation taking place.

The first book released on May 22nd was from Matthew Vines entitled “God and the Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Same-Sex Relationships” CLICK TO VIEW  

The second was a free ebook released on Wed May 23rd from R. Albert Mohler Jr and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary entitled “God and the Gay Christian?” CLICK TO VIEW (PDF download) 

The YS Store has an incredible resource in the book from Mark A Yarhouse entitled “Understanding Sexual Identity.” CLICK TO VIEW 

Mark Yarhouse is the director of the Institute for the Study of Sexual Identity. Here's a glimpse of what Yarhouse's book is about: 

“In his book, Yarhouse equips youth ministers so they can faithfully navigate the topic of sexual identity in a way that is honest, compassionate, and accessible. Reframing the focus away from the culture wars, Yarhouse introduces readers to the developmental considerations in the formation of sexual identity—all of which occurs in the teen years. He offers practical and helpful ways to think about homosexuality along with suggestions for talking with people who experience same-sex attraction. He also helps parents and youth volunteers learn to graciously respond to children and teens who struggle with questions of sexual identity, and discusses how youth ministry can become more relevant in the lives of youth who are navigating these issues.” 

Recommendations From Other Youth Workers

This week, we went to Twitter & Facebook to find out what is encouraging youth workers. We got a quick list of blogs, books, and podcasts that youth workers are enjoying right now and we wanted to share them!

From youth workers on twitter: 

From youth workers on facebook: 

Fun Things to Procrastinate With

In honor of his 450th birthday this week, here's a delightful post from Business Insider, “13 Everyday Phrases That Actually Came From Shakespeare”: CLICK TO VIEW

Who doesn't like seeing famous/rich NBA players making a fool of themselves? Digg.com Best NBA Video Bombs: CLICK TO VIEW

This will blow what is left of your mind… Engadget.com Google Street View now serves as your own personal time machine: CLICK TO VIEW

Inquisitr.com says that the gentle and elusive Nessie might have been (probably wasn't) spotted by Apple Maps: CLICK TO VIEW

Sharing your car and your couch with complete strangers is apparently becoming a normal thing and it's starting to convince us to trust each other. “How Airbnb and Lyft Finally Got Americans to Trust Each Other” from Wired.com: CLICK TO VIEW

Jacob Eckeberger

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