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February 19th, 2015

Every week we pull our favorite links from across the inter-webs. This week’s trending links include 4 truths when meeting with a parent, why teens should attend church-wide meetings, explaining Ash wednesday to kids, and plenty of fuel for your procrastination.

Blogs From YouthSpecialties.com This Week

Brian Aaby looked back at “5 Youth Pastor What Ifs” – CLICK TO VIEW

We created a handy infographic for you: “20 Odd Lent Ideas For Your Students” – CLICK TO VIEW

Lilly Lewin created a great prayer station idea: “Lint or Lent? How to Reconnect to the Experience” – CLICK TO VIEW

Blogs From Other Great Youth Workers This Week

Jen Bradbury talks about “Why Teens Should Attend Church-Wide Meetings” – CLICK TO VIEW

Ben Fawcett shared his thoughts on how he plans to talk about the 21 Christians who were recently killed: “To Die Is Gain” – CLICK TO VIEW

Nate Stratman wrote a great post about explaining Ash Wednesday to kids: “Now Why Are These Ashes on My Head?”- CLICK TO VIEW

Kara Powell has a great post you can forward to parents: “Family Feeling Busy? Try This Question” – CLICK TO VIEW

Ryan Reed shared some great thoughts in “4 Truths When Meeting With A Parent” – CLICK TO VIEW

Fun Things To Fuel Your Procrastination

Jimmy Fallon and Taylor Swift jumbotron dancing – CLICK TO VIEW

11 epic facts about left-handed eople – CLICK TO VIEW

Weather Channel reporter flips out during cantore thundersnow – CLICK TO VIEW

Thoughts you have in line at Starbucks – CLICK TO VIEW

This is your brain on extreme weather – CLICK TO VIEW

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