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Jacob Eckeberger
May 22nd, 2014

Every Friday we pull our favorite links from across the inter-webs. This week we looked how contemplative prayer might unintentionally marginalize urban youth, Perry Noble shares “5 Thigns Every Student Ministry Must Have To Be Successful,” we shared a great conversation about the Church's role with mental illness, we list an overview of our favorite #hashtags to review, and provide some fuel for your Friday procrastination. 

Blogs From YouthSpecialties.com This Week

Our new friend Pablo Otaola (@pablootaola) asked if contemplative prayer was unintentionally marginalizing urban youth. CLICK TO VIEW

We are so excited to welcome Brian Aaby (@brianaaby) to the YS team! He'll be heading up two new resources; YS Search & YS Coaching. Check out an interview with him from this week: CLICK TO VIEW

Blogs From Other Great Youth Workers This Week

Perry Noble (@perrynoble) created a great conversation starter with the post “5 Things Every Student Ministry Must Have To Be Successful.” CLICK TO VIEW

Amy Simpson (@aresimpson) shared a compelling post at QIdeas.org entitled: “Mental Illness: What is the Church’s role?” CLICK TO VIEW

Our friend Jim Hancock (@jimhancock) pointed us to an article from CommonSenseMedia.com about selfie-improvment apps and how students are responding to a constant need to look perfect: “When Selfie-Improvement Apps Go Too Far” CLICK TO VIEW  

Christopher Wesley (@chrisrwesley) wrote a solid and practical post with “5 Simple Steps To Recruit More Volunteers.” CLICK TO VIEW

The kind gentleman Andy Blanks (@andyblanks) over at YM360 shared his recent message to graduating seniors and I think it's a good “forward-able” post to some graduating seniors: “My Message to Graduating Seniors” CLICK TO VIEW 

Our hilarious friends the Skit Guys (@skitguys) released a new video for graduates. It's a good one to send on to your students too… and a bit of a tearjerker: “Graduation: Your Story” CLICK TO VIEW

#Hashtags To Review 

Here are a quick list of some of our favorite youth ministry #hashtags from this week. There is a ton of great insight behind each one. We pulled the twitter searches for each hashtag and made them clickable so you can easily view and scroll through all the youth worker wisdom in 140 characters or less. 

#FaithForward2014 : CLICK TO VIEW – I'm really jealous that I'm not at Faith Forward's gathering this week. It's been packed full of creative collaboration and heavy discussions about ministry and culture. 

#UPN2014 : CLICK TO VIEW – The United Pastors Network had their annual gathering and they were sending out some pretty inspirational thoughts on ministry and leadership. 

Fun Things To Fuel Your Procrastination

This teen does Michael Jackson better than Michael Jackson. CLICK TO VIEW

Hilarious life hacks for dogs: CLICK TO VIEW

For that bump of adrenaline… Rally Car vs Formula 1 Car: CLICK TO VIEW

A town in Austria has way cooler bus stops than your town. “Seven of the world's most unique bus stops…” CLICK TO VIEW

Make your own deodorant… ya hippies. CLICK TO VIEW

Great life advice from 12 of the best commencement speeches. CLICK TO VIEW

Jacob Eckeberger

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