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Jacob Eckeberger
October 23rd, 2014

Every Friday we pull our favorite links from across the inter-webs. This week's trending links include a discussion about mentoring across genders, an interview with Andrew Root about his latest book “Bonhoeffer as Youth Worker”, three thoughts on kids and conversion, we share one of our favorite hashtags from this last week, and plenty of fuel for your procrastination.

Blogs From YouthSpecialties.com This Week

Coby Cagle (@CobyCagle) passed along some great mission trip insight: “Questions That Will Help You Plan A Mission Trip” – CLICK TO VIEW

Jared Kirkwood (@JaredKirkwood) wrote a great companion post for his NYWC seminar: “Four Steps to Intentionally Develop Volunteer Leaders” – CLICK TO VIEW


Blogs From Other Great Youth Workers This Week

Brooklyn Lindsey (@BrooklynLindsey) shared some thoughts on mentoring across genders – CLICK TO VIEW

Arni Zachariassen from Theologues (@theologues) shared a great interview with Andrew Root about his new book: “Bonhoeffer as Youth Worker: A Theological Vision for Discipleship and Life Together” – CLICK TO VIEW

The folks at Next Generation Journal (@NxtGenJournal) wrote this thought provoking post: “Can Kids REALLY Leave the Faith After High School? 3 Thoughts On Kids and Conversion” – CLICK TO VIEW

Terry Linhart (@TerryLinhart) pointed us to this great reminder for anyone in any form of leadership: “Leaders Focus Relentlessly” – CLICK TO VIEW

CPYU (@CPYU) passed along a look at how students are effected by a lack of sleep: “Hard Lesson in Sleep for Teenagers” – CLICK TO VIEW

#Hashtag To Review

Here's one of our favorite #hashtags from this week. There is a ton of great insight behind each tweet. We pulled the twitter search and made it clickable so you can easily view and scroll through all the youth worker wisdom in 140 characters or less. 

#AYME – CLICK TO VIEW : The Association of Youth Ministry Educators gathered last weekend and there was crazy amounts of wisdom flowing from that hashtag.

Fun Things To Fuel Your Procrastination

Steve Taylor pays people to listen to his music and most of them like it… sort of – CLICK TO VIEW

There’s a kickstarter for the worlds first actual hoverboard – CLICK TO VIEW

LEGO The Hobbit in 72 seconds – CLICK TO VIEW

The simulator game “I Am Bread” is proof that there is a point when you need to stop playing video games and go outside – CLICK TO VIEW

IKEA’s Halloween commercial is pretty awesome and cute – CLICK TO VIEW

Jacob Eckeberger

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