Trending This Week (Sept 19)

Jacob Eckeberger
September 18th, 2014

Every Friday we pull our favorite links from across the inter-webs. This week's trending links include a warning against labels, reasons why you should start fundraising for summer events now, a critical look at your capacity for quality relationships, signs you've waited too long to network, and plenty of fuel for your procrastination.

Blogs From This Week

Crystal Kirgiss (@CrystalKirgiss) takes a look at the history of adolescence: “Is Adolescence New?” – CLICK TO VIEW

Stephen Ingram (@StephenLIngram) shares some encouragement: “The Blessing of Small” – CLICK TO VIEW

Blogs From Other Great Youth Workers This Week

Leneita Fix (@LeneitaFix) has some great advice: “Be AWARE Of Labels” – CLICK TO VIEW

Jason Sansbury (@JasonSansbury) takes time to share practical reasons why you should start fundraising for next year: “5 Reasons to Start Summer Fundraising in the Fall” – CLICK TO VIEW

Mike Suit (@MikeSuit) invites youth workers to think critically about how much they can give to all the different relationships they have: “Your Role” – CLICK TO VIEW

NNYM (@NNYM) wrote a really thought-provoking piece: “4 Signs You've Waited Too Long To Network” – CLICK TO VIEW

Jen Bradbury (@ymjen) shared a great post about the difficulty of spouses being pulled into ministry: “Two for One” – CLICK TO VIEW

Fun Things To Fuel Your Procrastination

Tiny Hamster VS Hotdog Eating Champ Kobayashi – CLICK TO VIEW

Band kids have their own version of a lightsaber battle – CLICK TO VIEW

A guy races a subway train and… ties. But it’s still fun to watch – CLICK TO VIEW

Bryan Cranston Performs One-Man MLB on TBS Postseason Show – CLICK TO VIEW

This guy pretends to be the one behind “Humans of New York” and it’s hilarious – CLICK TO VIEW

Jacob Eckeberger

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