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September 24th, 2013


This week's links include: Transgendered Teen Crowned Homecoming Queen, The Oddness of Youth Workers, an iPhone scavenger hunt & more


Transgender Teen Crowned High-School Homecoming Queen (People.com)

You’re a youth worker… you should be a little odd (dym, downloadyouthministry.com)

The Story Behind ParentMinistry.net  (Jeremy Lee)

5 Reasons Millennials Stay Connected to Church (The Barna Millennials Project)

How To Leave A Great Impression As A Speaker (Tim Milburn)

iPhone Scavenger Hunt (Jonathan McKee)

Crisis Phone Numbers (YouthLeaderStash.com)


See You At The Pole:

We hope you remembered that this morning was National See You At The Pole Day. Follow up with your students this week to see what happened at their schooles, and start talking about how to carry the torch of prayer in school throughout the year! For highlights on what happened across the country as students gathered at their schools to pray today, follow SYATP on Twitter (@seeyouatthepole)


Youth Specialties

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