Trusting Our Kids

Tony Toth
October 3rd, 2009

When you visit churches in Mexico (and probably in all Latin American countries), you'll find that young people are involved in every ministry of the church. Young people serve in the children's ministry, by ushering, by being on the cleaning team, in missions, and, most of all, in praise and worship.

Not too long ago, Mexico had a revival in praise and worship. Churches began to change their hymnbooks for a new era of praise and worship. Legalism and religiousness disappeared when God began using fresh praise and worship leaders. Local people received a special anointing. It was a tremendous move of God. This changed our churches and our youth as well.

It's not strange to see young people involved in church activities. After all, 75 percent of our population is made up of people 25 years old and younger. That's why it's nice to see the young ones involved in ministry at an early age. 1 John 2:14 says “I write to you, young men, because you are strong. The word of God lives in you, and you have overcome the evil one.”

Many people don't have faith in young people and feel that they'll make lots of mistakes, that sometimes they're like horses without bridles. While this may be partly true, these outgoing, brave, young people need to be guided and trusted with the things of God. With God on their side and a little guidance from us, we'll see what they're capable of.

After pastoring a youth group of 800 members for 10 years, I've seen many things in youth ministry. And there's one thing I know for sure: when young people who serve the Lord are allowed to use their talents in every way, while being lovingly guided by adult mentors and lifted up in prayer, these people become powerful young men and women of God. They become ready for an effective ministry. They've been trained in the ways of the Lord and are ready to take this knowledge and these godly principles to their jobs, schools, and families.

We're being allowed to see how God is using the young people in our Latin countries. A new generation of people are making decisions to follow Christ—people from different backgrounds, (many from strongholds of idolatry), are becoming young, committed people for God's work. It's a joy to see how the churches in Mexico are filled with young people on fire for the Lord, willing to serve. Of course they battle with sin, dysfunctional families, divorce, and economic problems, as many young people do. But once they realize that they can't solve these problems alone, that God's the only one who can help them and their families, they begin to take steps of faith toward a victorious, involved life in Christ.

I encourage every volunteer youth worker, every professional youth pastor, and every senior pastor to trust their young people with godly responsibilities. When our kids are involved in spiritual things, they know they have to get right before the Lord and be obedient without compromising their principles. That makes a big change in their lifestyles. If you trust them with the things of God, these young people will preach Jesus, unafraid of rejection. The youth group has to be a place where they can get together with their Christian friends and express their love for God freely without being criticized. They must be allowed to be themselves, encouraging one another and going to the next step of faith, the next step of praise and worship from true and grateful hearts.

Tony Toth

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