Uncertain Times with a Trustworthy God

Youth Specialties
November 20th, 2009

Andy Stanley knows about leadership. He writes about it, he speaks about it and more importantly he lives it. Though Andy spoke about leadership, the underlying principle that he shared is transferrable to each of us, living in uncertain times with our trustworthy God Here are a few of my notes: When you face uncertainty, it’s normal. It’s not that you missed your calling. When everything is predictable, there is no need for leadership. God is the with us in of our uncertainty. God is in control amidst our uncertainty. God leverages our uncertainty for his glory. The 2 key points in dealing with uncertainty are clarity and flexibility. Clarity Clarity trumps uncertainty every time. This is when you have to be most clear and most assured of what the direction of your organization is. The person who brings the greatest clarity in times of uncertainty is seen as and functions as the leader. What has God called you to do? What has God called you to do in your community? Andy shared that during a difficult time at Northpoint he had to clarify what they were about and it was “We wanted to create a church that unchurched people loved to attend.” Their mission was never to keep the families that were leaving. It was to keep doing what God had called them to do. In times of uncertainty, you return to the one thing that you know. What is your one thing that you know? If you don’t know what it is, you are in trouble. Flexibility Plans Change Vision stays the Same! Here’s the hill we will die on (Vision) here’s how we will get there (plans). “Marry your vision, just fool around with your plan.” Andy Stanley This is a very complex time to be in ministry. We have to extraordinarily flexible in how we do ministry but we must never, never give up on the vision that we are about. Be Stubborn with your vision and be flexible with your plans. You have to be honest with your leaders. Communicate honestly and openly with your people. You must learn how to authentically communicate 2. Leadership is not about making decisions on your own. It’s about standing up and owning the decisions that you and your team make. We need the grace to know what God has called me to do. The grace to lead people through uncertainty. ~~~~ God has a unique purpose for each of us and the point of his calling is not to be the biggest, the best, the most well known or even the most popular. The point of God’s calling on our lives and ministry is to be fully where God has us and to be fully dependant upon him. We labor with all of our stength and effort but dependant upon his power. Take some time today and begin the process of knowing what you need to have clarity about. Figure it out with friends and confidants, keep praying, keep planning and keep trusting in our trustworthy God!

Youth Specialties

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