August 3rd, 2009

The recent conversation on cell phone usage and non usage in youth ministry has been really helpful and I’ve been thinking a lot about them (which could be dangerous). My thoughts center on ways that we could incorporate cell phones into our rhythms of ministry without jeopardizing the integrity of our message, which, more often than not is about unplugging, finding rest in God, setting our selves a part to participate in worship and community. This good message to unplug is awesome but it seems incredibly incongruous with culture, particularly teen culture. Students have their Bible’s on their iPods, they can stream a life-changing podcast from a pastors across the globe. They can be encouraged in their faith and connected to summer camps and mission programs all year long through social networking. How are we to utilize this diverse and useful tool in our ministry without minimizing a message that gets students to focus on Christ? I find it hard to be single-minded in a hyper-scheduled, multi-tasking, cell blowin’ up world. How could elements of spiritual formation be enhanced by technology (Bible reading, prayer, etc.) What does technology take away from these rites? Some of these questions have been answered in the previous cell phone blog post responses but there seem to be more questions than answers. Is there a model for techno-enhanced youth ministry? Could we write one together? Maybe so.


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