We Are Our Own Best Resource

Youth Specialties
December 6th, 2011

My passion and vision in reaching the next generation is stronger now than it ever has been. But it was probably through reading Doug Field's “Purpose Driven Youth Ministry” in college that I got my first taste of that vision. I remember going through the book, as it helped me formulate on paper, for the first time, what God was asking me to do. It was an exciting time.

Now, I'm coaching a brand new youth team in Nebraska and look forward to going through Field's “Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry” together with them. I haven't read these books in a few years, so I purchased myself some new copies (my old ones have been given away) and am ready to go through the discovery process once again. I love how these books are conversational in tone, are super easy to read, and how they draw the creativity out in leaders as they dream and cast vision for their ministry.

I think it's so important that we care for each other as leaders. When it all comes down to it, we are our own best resource. If you've succeeded in ministry over the long haul, I pray that you see the benefit in sowing into other leader's lives. It not only re-energizes your passion, but may spark anew a fire in somebody else. In the denominational district that I serve, we just officially launched a team of about twenty NextGen leaders whose number one job is to care for, come alongside, and encourage other NextGen leaders in our district. I'm excited to see how this team changes the dynamic of student ministry in our region. I think it's going to be transformative.

So, how about it? If you are new in ministry, what books are you reading that you've found helpful in getting started? Have you found someone around you to walk with you through the process? Have you plugged in to a local youth ministry network?

If you are a veteran, have you prayed about finding emerging leaders to walk alongside, pray for, and become their biggest advocate and friend? What books or resources were a help to you as you started out in ministry? Do you have copies in your library to give away?

Youth Specialties

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