Wearer of Too Many Hats?

Youth Specialties
April 12th, 2010

My wife and I like to visit a restaurant in the Black Hills of South Dakota called the Alpine Inn.  We were there this Saturday evening for their famous 2-item dinner menu.  You have a choice of either a 6 oz. or 9 oz bacon-wrapped filet mignon steak served with a baked potato, Texas toast, and a lettuce wedge with homemade Ranch dressing.  They do ONE thing very well and have great business because of it.  

In reference to student ministry, how many youth workers do you know that have the luxery to do just ONE thing?

I know several youth workers — both full time and part time — that wear seemingly too many hats around their church offices.  They are the in-house tech/IT guys, media and graphics design guys, sound experts, video editors, phone receptionists-in-the-afternoons, bookkeepers (that's dangerous), worship leaders, web masters, janitors, and pretty much any other title or task you can congure up.  Sound like your job?

Now, I understand the whole team concept.  Smaller churches — and businesses of ANY type — don't have the finances to hire a specialist for every task so the team picks up the pieces wherever they can.  I understand that and think that can be healthy if it's communicated up-front to everyone.  I wonder, though, if we're making ourselves innefective by overshooting our capicities for doing things REALLY well?

Do you think this is a factor in why so many burn out in ministry?  What is your experience?  Do you wear lots of hats?  List them in the comments below and tell us how you feel.

Youth Specialties

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