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Youth Specialties
April 27th, 2018

There’s so much joy in youth ministry. We have the opportunity to invest in teenagers, be God’s hands and feet in their lives, shaping their future, unleashing them into leadership and watching them flourish. Isn’t it wonderful to wit back and just watch kids interact? Isn’t it even more wonderful to let them take over a worship service, Bible study or even just a lead a lock in?

Still, with all that joy, we get drained. Do the words “empty”, “tired” or worn out” describe you right now? If they do, here’s a list of ideas to recharge. Use them this weekend to refill your tank (or, comment below if you’ve got a good idea that you don’t see on this list!).

  1. Spend a morning without any electronic devices. Sit in silence and rest. Do this in your living room, bed room or, better yet, outside. (unless it’s freezing…don’t do this if it’s freezing).
  2. Text a close friend and invite them to eat ice cream with you. Offer to buy their ice cream. Eat slowly and enjoy that you’re not using the ice cream to make an object lesson or a ten-foot long group ice cream sundae.
  3. Go for a walk. Nothing clarifies the clutter in your life better than exercise and fresh air.
  4. Binge watch something. Anything. Ramp it up – silence your phone and don’t touch it for the first three episodes of whatever you’re bingeing. Ramp it up even more with PIZZA ROLLS!
  5. Go to a restaurant with a friend and let them choose what you order. Better still, have them order for you with no input from you. Experiencing new tastes gives us a broader perspective and can be a tiny adventure.
  6. Remember arcades? If there’s one in your city, spend thirty minutes playing the oldest video games you can find. There’s something communal about the arcade experience.
  7. Facetime with an old friend who doesn’t live near you.
  8. Two words: LAUGHING BABIES!

There’s probably dozens of other ways you can recharge. The point is to take time for you. Relax, recharge and create space for you.

Youth Specialties

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