What can parachurch teach the church?

Youth Specialties
May 5th, 2009

In this week’s podcast there is a piece from Youth for Christ’s Dave Rahn. He had just done a tip about leading small groups and we were wrapping up. Then I asked him, “Dave, you’ve been doing parachurch youth ministry for a long time… what are some things that those of us who work in churches should be learning from the parachurch world?I asked that question because I realized something very tragic in hanging out with Dr. Rahn… I’ve worked in churches for nearly a decade and never taken the time to learn from people who served in my community with parachurch youth ministry organizations. I think, deep down, I probably even resented their prescence a little. I saw them as competition when students from my ministry would head over to a Campus Life meeting. Worse yet, I never once considered that their methods could help my ministry more effectively reach/teach students. So I asked that question of Dr. Rahn, a little bit out of curiousity, and a little bit with a spirit of confession. So… those of you who work in parachurch ministry, what can church youth workers learn from you? Conversely, church youth workers, what are some things that parachurch youth workers can learn for you?

Youth Specialties

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