What if the church marketed more like…

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November 7th, 2008

In the past 36 hours this video has popped up on dozens of youth ministry and church marketing blogs. I was thrilled to learn that the the people behind the video were none other than NYWC Pittsburgh presenter Richard Reising and his new blog BeyondRelevance.com. When I watched it, it caused me to start thinking of other brands. Coke. Nike. Tide. Wrigley Gum. State Farm. On and on I thought about the various brands that we all interact with on a daily basis. Maybe it’s just too many years of all-nighters with middle school boys but I started to come up with my own versions of the video in my mind…

What if the church marketed more like McDonald’s and promised the same experience no matter where you went? or What if the church marketed more like Domino’s Pizza and if they failed to deliver in 30 minutes, no offering would be taken?

Contest: Unleash your creativity and think like a marketer! We want to hear your funny, silly, hopeful, or downright odd ministry-based analogy of a popular brand. Leave a comment with your entry, we’ll pick the best one and send you one of our famous prize boxes. UPDATE: Richard Reising is going to include a copy of his book to the winner and he will help us pick a winner: ChurchMarketing 101: Preparing Your Church for Greater Growth Deadline to post your entry is Thursday, noon PST.

Youth Specialties

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