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October 15th, 2013

YS Idea Lab - #NYWC

Imagine a place where the “what if’s” of your ministry vision and strategy are revealed. A space to inspire and unleash the creativity of youth workers. The faces of ministry experts and visionaries that come from all around the country to share insight and tips that they’ve learned throughout the year.  In 2012, the Idea Lab made its NYWC debut; an addition to the convention focused on DIY projects and hands-on experiences. All while providing great video content to share throughout the year. Last year, we featured a talk with Bob Goff about living whimsically, as well as some of our favorite sessions with Brad & Brian Sitton, Les Christie, and Steve Argue.  When you step into the Idea Lab at NYWC events, something special happens; a burst of creativity fills the air, and you watch as a hovercraft is built right before your eyes. And while the area is often a stop-in en route to your next session, you nearly always turn your head just to see who is giving their talk or showcasing some cool technology that you could utilize when you go home.

YS Idea Lab - #NYWC YS Idea Lab - #NYWC

This year, we’ve stepped up our game and put months of preparation into creating an inspiring space for all to enjoy. The Idea Lab is an intimate setup, with bench seating for about 25 people, and all of the lighting and technology of a live production set. Convention attendees sit and watch as many of the Idea Lab sessions are filmed and showcased throughout the year in weekly YS Updates.  Thanks to the finesse of creative designer, Seth Bartlette, the Idea Lab has a warm, rustic look that would drop the jaws of Pinterest advocates around the globe.  Edison bulbs hang above the presenter space, which resembles a cozy environment that most twentysomethings dream about when they drink coffee in the morning. Repurposed wood provides the slightly lifted stage while antique gems accent the surrounding walls.  The open-aired environment is both organic and functional, as the film crew is able to set up three cameras without invading the comfort of those sitting in on the session; a win for all parties.

The Idea Lab is currently in transit to Nashville for the final NYWC of 2013, which begins on November 22nd.  Look forward to three days of Idea Lab sessions ranging from social media to stage design.  You’ll be able to access the complete Idea Labs schedule through the online schedule available here.

YS Idea Lab - #NYWC YS Idea Lab - National Youth Workers Convention YS Idea Lab - National Youth Workers Convention

Havn't registered for NYWC yet?

You can still join us in Nashville, November 22-24, 2013. Register by October 18th, and save $50 on your registration cost. Visit www.NYWC.com for more information about the National Youth Workers Convention, and to register! 

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