You Teach Sneak Peek

January 12th, 2010

By Patti Gibbons and Adam McLane  Tired of searching for fresh material for your youth group, small group, or Sunday school class?  Youth Specialties is preparing to unleash the third in the clever You Teachseries of DVDs featuring Tommy Woodard and Eddie James (aka The Skit Guys).  For a preview of one of the new videos you can to add to your arsenal of discussion-starters and teaching illustrations, check out the embeded video (courtesy of YS).

Recently YMX's Adam McLane had the opportunity to view You Teach Vol. 1.

Review:  You Teach Vol. 1

You Teach Vol. 1 has a number of great, usable video elements. Video segments cover topics like dealing with the cards you've been dealt, accountability, overcoming laziness, and getting out of your comfort zone. Some of the videos are comedic while a couple tip-toe into drama. If these were just videos alone I can't say it would be a resource worth the price. But, also included on the DVD are printable talk sheet, talk outlines, and discussion questions. In other words, when you are in a pinch and need a self-contained lesson that is ready to go out-of-the box You Teach Vol. 1 is perfect. I'll be using this resource as my “back pocket” youth group meeting which will be ready to go in an emergency. A couple of the videos are lengthy and full enough that you could show the video and go right into discussion. Whereas the I'm In Love With You segment would work perfect as an intro to a talk. Have I mentioned that The Skit Guys are hilarious? The concept and performance of “Overcoming Laziness” is fantastically funny.

The Skit Guys, Tommy and Eddie, have been best friends since high school, and have been communicating God’s Word and impacting lives through comedy, drama, and teaching for more than 15 years.  They recently released two new books through Zondervan called, Instant Skits and Skits That Teach. They have also produced other plays, skits, and videos covering a wide variety of topics that are available to download through their website.


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