Youth Worker Appreciation Day is Coming

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September 4th, 2008

youth workers appreciation dayIn case you hadn’t heard, we have partnered with some of our bookstore friends to declare this Saturday, September 6th Youth Worker Appreciation Day! (Listen to this music while reading this post, it helps.) Please check out the Youth Worker Appreciation Day (ywad for short) website to find a retailer near you. Once at the store you will find all sorts of cool things to appreciate what you and your ministry do for your community. Activities vary by store but all of the participating stores will be offering 20% off of all YS and Invert products. We’ve even heard some of these stores will be including free YS gear with your purchases. Mindi Godfrey has been working hard on launching this “should be” national holiday for several months. (Still listening to the music?) She tipped me off that a couple of retailers put in extra effort to recognize YWAD. If you are anywhere near Logos Bookstore in Alexandria, KY or Lighthouse Christian Bookstore in Long Beach, CA please drop in and check out what they are up to. There are also a few bloggers who have been talking about Youth Worker Appreciation Day: (See more out there? Leave a comment with a link)

Questions: What are some ways you’d like to be recognized and appreciated by your youth group? What are some ways you’ve been recognized in the past?

Youth Specialties

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