Youth Worker’s Monday Prayer

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May 23rd, 2011

What’s up?

It’s Monday again. So, yeah, I slept in a little. It’s nice to have a day off after all the busyness and “hoorah” of Sunday. I mean with summer just around the corner, camp forms due, auditions for the talent show, playing on the worship team three times, and leading discipleship group, I’m more than a little wiped – so I'm grateful that I can find rest in You.

Monday is like a re-charge for me. Sometimes I want to give in and quit. Sometimes it feels like all I do is give until I’m tapped out. That’s dangerous. Forgive me when I try to do it on my own. You are my real source. So much more real ministry happens when I spent time with You.

I heard about the storm in Joplin, MO. We have a church in our district there. So far we’ve heard that ten families have lost their homes. How devastating… I can’t even imagine. I pray that Your Spirit would move there and give comfort, peace, and restoration to those that need it. Help me see how our students can help. Give me an idea that will inspire students to make a difference – to be Your hands and feet.

I’m thankful for my family. I pray that You would heal my son. He’s been dealing with an ear infection now for longer than we’d like. I believe that You want Him healed. I also continue to pray for my beautiful daughters. They are my joy and pride but sometimes I worry. It’s getting harder and harder to “shoo” away the boys! My comfort is in the fact that they know and love You. Protect and keep them. I won’t stop praying.

Lord, cover my wife. Help me to show her that I love her more than anything else in this world. She’s amazing – the perfect gift. Thank you.

I want to lift up Lynn from youth group. She’s been going through a lot and I’m more than a little concerned about this relationship that she’s just started with that boy. He doesn’t seem like a very good influence, let alone a good life-mate. Help me to love him regardless. Keep Lynn safe. Protect her from harm.

Oh, and about Franklin, that adult volunteer that’s been ruffling some feathers with some families in the church. I have a meeting with him and our senior pastors tomorrow. I don’t even know what it’s all about, but if the senior pastors have been called in, it must be serious. Please, grant me wisdom and favor.

In finishing, I’ve got a lot of tasks that need to be completed when I get back to the office – some of them for our student ministry and some of them not. But regardless of all that, I just want to say that I’m ridiculously blessed to get to do what I’m doing. I can’t imagine doing anything else. What a ride!

Even though I say this all the time, I’m really excited about what You gave me to share with the students on Wednesday night. Speak through me and let Your truth shine through my inadequacies.

God, You rock! You’re my rock. You’ve got all my love and life – in Your Son’s awesome name, AMEN.

Youth Specialties

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