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April 19th, 2010

Starting next Sunday, I'm hitting the road up the West Coast! I'm driving up I-5 from San Jose, California to Seattle, Washington for the sole purpose of meeting up with as many youth workers as I possible can. 

Along the way I'll capture stories from hard-working youth workers in their local contexts. In other words, I'm showing up at people's churches and checking out their youth groups! Tune in here on the blog, on Facebook, and Twitter, to keep up with all the fun. 

Here's my route:

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Here's the meet-ups I have scheduled. (Livermore CA, Foster City CA, Berkeley CA, Portland OR, Seattle WA, and Burlington WA. To make it even more fun, Tic Long will join me in Foster City &  Berkeley.) 

Live along my trip route? I'd love to meet you! If you can't make it to one of the scheduled meet-ups, shoot me an email at and I will do whatever I can to arrange to stop and get a cup of coffee. 

Am I traveling alone? Nope! YS blogger Shawn Michael Shoup is coming along for the ride. He's never been to the Left Coast, so why not get to know it by driving it! 

What? No love for my area? This is a pilot. if you'd like us to continue hosting meet-ups, help me get a ton of people to this one!

Is this some kind of high dollar fancy thing? Absolutely not. This is youth worker-style. No hotel rooms, no steak dinners… we're still looking for a few churches to crash in. So if you know a church we can crash at in San Jose, Redding, or Portland… let us know! We're just two youth pastors in a rental car driving north and meeting fellow youth workers. 

Youth Specialties

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