YS Idea Lab – Brad Sitton & Brian Sitton: DIY Vortex Cannon

Youth Specialties
July 1st, 2013

Who needs to go out and buy a vortex cannon when we can build our own?

“What's a vortex cannon?”, you might ask. Well, according to Brad and Brian it's a a simple device that creates a toroidal vortex that propagates faster than it dissipates….said another way, it shoots balls of air that can be felt 20 feet away! Join Brad and Brian as they show you how to build a quick, fun, and inexpensive vortex cannon out of supplies that can be found at your local hardware store.

The YS Idea Lab was filmed on location at NYWC in 2012.  To learn more about NYWC in San Diego or Nashville, visit NYWC.com.

For a full supplies list and written instructions, visit crowdcontrolgames.com/vortex-cannon

Youth Specialties

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