YS Idea Lab: What You Need to Know About Ministering to Girls

Youth Specialties
July 27th, 2014

With male youth workers far outnumbering female youth workers, it is more likely that a female student might feel out of place in a youth ministry than a male student. To help youth workers understand why female students might feel this way, Neely McQueen shares 5 lies that girls believe about themselves or the world in this great YS Idea Lab with Josh Griffin.

If you don't have time for the full video, here's a quick list of the 5 lies that Neely explains:  

  1. My body defines me
  2. The opposite sex defines me 
  3. Relationships are not a safe place for me
  4. I am more safe online than guys
  5. There is no place for me at church

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Youth Specialties

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