YS Roundtable: How to help teens who don’t believe in God

Youth Specialties
August 5th, 2014

In this YS Roundtable, Terry Linhart interviews Chad Meister, Professor of Philosophy at Bethel College in Indiana to discuss how youth workers can help teens who don’t believe in God.

If you don't have time to watch the full video, here are some great highlights:

– Approach the conversation as a dialogue where we are willing to share, listen, and even learn from a student's experiences. 

– We have to be real. We don't know all the answers and we can't pretend to. 

– We can't shy away from sharing our story and pointing to our experiences with God as evidence that God exists.

– We have to approach the conversation intelligently which requires us to study elements of science and philosophy.  

– We should keep to the essential issues of faith and resist submitting to traditions for the sake of the traditions themselves. It will give us more freedom for God to lead us into all understanding, even if it looks different than we thought it would. 

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Youth Specialties

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