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April 9th, 2010

YS Mobile Browser Traffic

One of the many hats I wear at Youth Specialties is that I keep an eye on our various web properties. (youthspecialties.com, planetwisdom.com, nywc.com, and a few others)

And one of my big challenges in running the websites is both responding to what youth workers are looking for as well as trying to keep an eye on where internet stuff, in general, is headed.

I've sensed for a while that mobile is going to be big for youth workers. As the price point for Blackberry, iPhone, and now the Android gets lower– it's within a price range a lot of youth workers can afford. And quickly after that… they are discovering that these devices are the perfect youth ministry tool! You know– you're at a small group meeting, the kids are doing a Bible study, and you think… “I could really use a game idea.” 

Last year, we made a small investment in iPhone apps. Those have done really well. MyGuitar has been incredible with something like 750,000 users worldwide! (It was #1 in Croatia, which I find hilarious.) Since then, we've put iPhone app development on hold so we could get a better understanding of youth worker behavior with mobile tools. iPhone apps are great. But I felt like we were limiting ourselves by just investing there.

The image above, what is it?

It's a sneak peak at our Google Analytics for the website. Specifically, this graph shows mobile phone usage on youthspecialties.com from October 1st until now. What this shows me is that our hunch 12 months ago is true. More and more youth workers are using their mobile devices to look for resources. As of right now, this audience represents a measly 5% of our internet traffic… but it is growing.

And I'm keeping a close eye on that growth. 

What do you think? Do you use your mobile phone as a ministry device? (Beyond calling and texting) What are ministry-related things you may be using your phone for in 12 months that you can't do right now?

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