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Youth Specialties
September 9th, 2013


#YSchatNearly every week, I sit in my favorite local coffee shop and hear phrases that weren’t even considered proper vocabulary 15 years ago.  Things like, “Did you tag me in that upload?”, or “Can you believe what he tweeted last night?”. It’s safe to say that social media and the development of new technology has completely redefined the way that we interact with one another. I frequently hear youth workers debating the problems and issues that come with these social platforms; often times serving as a distraction during a service, or segregating students with smartphones from those without access to the technology.

As a firm believer and affirmed storyteller in social media, I love to bring light to the opportunities that are presented through social media. It provides an additional way to supplement your offline interactions and develop forms of collaboration without geographical boundaries. There are many stories of successful online interaction that have bridged gaps and opened up doors of opportunity that would have otherwise been impossible. 

Youth Specialties is excited to announce a new collaboration effort for our followers and youth workers. Thursday, September 26 at 1PM PST, we are inviting you to join the #YSchat as we gather youth workers, industry leaders, and voices from around the globe to discuss relevant topics in youth ministry via Twitter. You will have the opportunity to share your thoughts (in 134 characters, of course) using the hashtag. We hope to bring the insight and knowledge of some of our favorite speakers, authors, and leaders in youth ministry along the way. Be sure to follow us on Twitter (@YS_Scoop) and we hope to hear from you on September 26!

Youth Specialties

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